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I am the founder and director of Deffufa Decor. Passionate about all things to do with Architecture, Landscaping and Interior Design. It is my profession, my business and my joy.

Modern Residence in Greece

The luxurious “h.3.” residence located in Athens, Greece was designed by 314_Architecture Studio. The modern architecture looks very futuristic and it’s constructed with eco-friendly materials. The house uses geothermal energy to save energy for the air conditioning and the heating system. Additionally, solar panels provide the house with enough power.

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Veronica Beach House

The team of Longhi Architects has designed the luxurious Veronica Beach House in Pucusana, Lima – Peru. The house is situated in an expensive residential area very close to the beach. The Veronica Beach House creates a symbiosis between modern architecture and the rocky terrain. Even inside the house a raw rockface decorates the staircase. [...]

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Dynamic Architecture Concept

Futuristic new concept in high rise building architecture.  An Italian architect has revealed the ambitious plans to create Dynamic Towers in cities around the world with separate floors that spin 360 degrees around a concrete centre every 90 minutes.  The first two are planned to be built in Dubai and Moscow.  See the press release [...]

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