What We Do:

Deffufa Décor is a company that provides design, execution and maintenance for projects covering architectural, landscaping, and interior design aspects for a wide variety of client scenarios.  We operate in multiple geographic regions covering the Arabian Gulf, Western Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa.  Our work includes high-rise developments, parks, roads, bridges, roundabouts, government and commercial buildings.  We also pay profound attention to environmental sustainability considerations such as minimising water and energy consumption/wastage.

Our Philosophy:

We strongly believe that every project is unique and requires its own creative and innovative touch. There is no one-size-fits-all in our work philosophy.  Every building, every bit of work, every artefact we help design and develop has to be considered within the holistic fabric of its surroundings, context, function and unique constraints.  Everything we develop has to appeal to the human senses in terms of aesthetics but also be in harmony with the environment.

What We Promise:

We promise to work to the highest standards to ensure your solutions are delivered to satisfaction.  Our key principles are:

We greatly value our customers and the business relationship we develop with them. We always strive to excel at meeting their expectations and maintain a long-lasting business relationship as trusted solution provider.
We will remain steadfastly committed to acting in a responsible manner to ensure reliability and eliminate any adverse business-related issues associated with the delivery of our work; Be it safety, management or financially related.
Our clients can be assured of fair and consistent service and pricing.
We will embrace new and better techniques as they become emergent. We will welcome change and adaptability as an opportunity.
We will form the best team in the profession and will practice an open and trusting dialogue within our company and with our clients and business partners. We will act in accordance with our words and general positive business values.
Open, collaborative and transparent communication is a key theme to all we do. We will treat all clients, partner and employees with fair and equal respect. We will listen, evaluate and provide the answers that ensure that all stakeholders are completely satisfied.

Word About The Founder

Samira W. Fahim

Architecture, Landscaping and Interior Design are my passion and long-standing profession throughout my adult life.  I take great pride in the work I deliver and the clients I work with.My aim through this web site is to share a glimpse of my work with anyone that is interested to find out more about Deffufa Decor and also offer them the chance to interact and pass comments if they so wished.

So a big welcome and let us share and explore whatever concepts, ideas or business opportunities possible.